The SMSLanding service consists of creating and configuring a landing web to be sent in an SMS sending via a link in the text of an SMS message.

The LabsMobile platform makes available to users a series of landing templates to be used as a basis for content and design. Any landing can be completely customized in the Editor both at the level of design, content, structure, etc.

All available templates have been created by usability and design experts and are optimized for mobile devices. They also take advantage of all the features of the device and SMS communication.

The SMSLanding service is included free of charge as a service included in the price of SMS messages (¿How much does the LabsMobile platform cost?). Some of the benefits are the hosting of the landing and the count of clicks that occur on the link of each SMS message.

In this way, functionality is offered for a multitude of campaigns and SMS sending that require an extension of information or the sending of multimedia content through a landing web. It is the ideal complement to SMS (with 98% visibility) presenting adapted and personalized content.

More information on the product page of SMSLanding on our website.