To comply with the Data Protection Law (LOPD or GDPR), in any SMS sending, three main requirements must be met:

  • Have the explicit consent of the recipient for the specific sending or communication (whether transactional or promotional).

  • Identify the origin or sender of the message clearly. That is, the sending company, brand or organization must be present or identifiable in the communication. You can include the name of the company or brand in the sender field or in the text of the message.

  • Provide an unsubscribe method. In this case, it is enough to include a contact method (telephone, email, link, etc.) to which the recipient can go and unsubscribe from the database and not receive future communications. In the WebSMS application, we have an unsubscribe form that automatically includes the numbers in the account Blacklist.

It is necessary to scrupulously follow the data protection law in force in each country in the collection and discharge of personal data and specifically the mobile phone. Otherwise, the company or organization that sends the messages may incur serious infractions subject to sanctions of enormous amounts according to current regulations.

LabsMobile can block any sending or cancel any account if there is evidence or complaints that it does not comply with the legislation and good practices regarding privacy and consented communications.