Any web landing is composed of interchangeable modules that form the content and structure of the landing.

On the initial screen of the landing Editor, all modules or elements present in the template are displayed. In the All section, the available modules are shown and they can also be filtered based on functionality or content: headers, sliders, text, banners, buttons, map, footers, etc.

On the right side of the Landing Editor there is a preview of the landing that has been created so far. Each of the modules is delimited by a toothed wheel at the top right. Placing the cursor over this wheel shows the options available for that module.

To create or add a new module, just drag the module from the list of available options on the left to the current landing located in the right area of the Editor. The new module can be placed in the desired landing position and also later can be moved (up/down) according to the user's wishes.

To delete a module, place the cursor over the module's options gear wheel and click Delete.