To access the recharge process and validate an account, it is necessary to inform the Invoicing and contact information.

The  data to provide  are the following:

  • Account type: company or individual
  • Company name
  • Tax identifier of the company
  • Full name of the responsible person
  • Tax identifier of the responsible person
  • Complete billing address (address, city, postal code, region and country)
  • Contact phone
  • Contact mobile phone (validated with an SMS code)
  • Contact email
  • Website
  • Company sector
  • Uses of SMS sending
  • How did you hear about LabsMobile
  • Monthly SMS volume

The data provided will be used to issue invoices, validate the account and provide the necessary support. Additional documentation or information may be required if the data provided is not verifiable or consistent.

To finalize and be able to access the purchase process, it will be It is necessary to accept and sign the Service Agreement and Privacy Terms.