The first step is to verify if the message or delivery has been processed and/or received by the LabsMobile platform. For this, the following checks must be followed:

It is also necessary to check if there is any general incident as described in ┬┐How to check if there is an incident?.

Finally, if the problem has not been solved, it is necessary to contact the Support Centre (support(at) and provide all the necessary data like:

  • Submit via WebSMS or API.
  • If it has been through WebSMS: information about the form or submission process.
  • If it has been through API: API version, environment and integration code used.
  • Message data (ID, destination numbers and day / time of delivery)

With all this information, our technicians will check the status of the account and if the messages have been processed correctly on our platform. In addition to carrying out the pertinent actions and claims with third parties (telephone operators) if necessary.