User accounts have filters and capacity limits to adapt to any need.

These parameters are listed and described below:

  • Anti-duplicate filter that prevents sending the same messages to the same recipient (¿What is the anti-duplicate filter?). By default this filter is enabled.
  • Hourly filter. It is possible to define a time interval in which the recipients will not receive any messages. Any messages sent will be postponed. at the earliest time allowed. This filter is disabled by default.
  • Filter by country. In the case that one or more countries are defined in this filter, the account will only send messages to these destinations. Any message sent to other countries will be discarded and will not consume credits. This filter is disabled by default and therefore messages can be sent to any destination.
  • IP filter. List of IP addresses from which API connections are allowed. Any request from other directions will be rejected. This filter is disabled by default.
  • Maximum per sending. This field defines the maximum number of recipients in a single sending. It is recommended to keep this parameter below 10,000 numbers. Default value: 10,000.
  • Maximum per day. Limit of SMS messages sent in the same day. Default value: 100,000 SMS.
  • Enable Unicode. Field to enable or disable Unicode SMS messages in any submission form. In the case of deactivating this functionality, it will be eliminated. any character not present in the GSM alphabet or it will be attempted; replace with an equivalent character. By default, this functionality is activated.
  • Enable Certificates. Field to activate or deactivate the Certified SMS messages. If this field is activated, additional fields will appear to send certified messages. By default, this functionality is disabled.