Due to the character limitation of SMS messages, the links included in the text must have the minimum number of characters. For this reason, the LabsMobile platform provides the shortening of links and click statistics service at no cost.

It is possible to include links in the messages of any file, web, landing, image, etc. Link shortening can be done using one of these methods:

  • Creation of stable links. In the Attachments section you can register links and obtain a short link available in all the submission forms.
  • Automatic replacement. In the Account settings it is possible to activate the Replace links property so that the platform replaces all the links sent in the text of the messages with shortened links.

Shortened links have the labsmo.bi/XXXXXXX format and redirect to the final url. This type of link occupies the minimum number of characters in an SMS and also provides information on any click made on these links.

It is also possible to set up a custom domain or subdomain: What is it and how to set up a custom domain?.

More information on about ¿What information is obtained from each click?.