One of the features of the WebSMS platform is the possibility to customize the links or urls in the text of SMS messages with a domain or subdomain of your own.

The platform provides by default a shortlink or url shortening with the domain (more information in How to send a link or url in an SMS?) and it is also possible to replace the domain with a customized and own one to generate more reliability and trust in the recipient as well as generate greater brand recognition.

This requires a previous configuration consisting of the following steps:

  • Create a DNS entry (CNAME type of custom_domain => in the control panel of the hosting that manages the domain or subdomain. This domain or subdomain must be newly created without previous DNS configuration.
  • Enter the new domain in the Custom domain field in the Account Settings.
  • Wait up to 24 hours for the DNS redirection to propagate and the SSL certificate to be configured.

To check if it has been activated correctly, you should go to the Custom domain field where you will see an indication if the DNS redirection and SSL certificate have been configured correctly or if there is any error or incident. We also recommend checking the urls with the new domain with a landing page, url or file attached.

If the custom domain has been configured correctly it can be included in any sending or campaign and the platform will replace any url with this custom domain if you have the Replace links option activated (How to shorten a link?).

The custom domain can be used in all short links on the platform, such as attachments, files, landings, unsubscribe link, etc.