In the case of automatic or scheduled sendings, it is important that the account always has credits to be able to make the sendings and not interrupt the service.

The LabsMobile platform has the following measures to prevent or solve this case:

  • Personalized balance alert. Sending of mail when the account reaches the credit limit configured in the Account settings.
  • Default balance alert. Sending of email when the account reaches 10 credits.
  • Error notification. Sending of mail when there have been errors in sendings due to lack of credits.
  • Direct communication. Our staff will contact us if a repetition of non-credit errors is detected.

We recommend configuring Automatic Top-ups (What are automatic top-ups?). This type of reload consists of defining a  credit limit in which it will occur a purchase with a card for a previously established amount. This way the account will never run out of credits and service will not be interrupted.