Automatic Purchases is a functionality that generates a new purchase when the account reaches a credit limit configured by the user. The transaction is made by credit card and the credits are added immediately to prevent the account from depleting the balance. This way, the service is never interrupted or errors are generated due to lack of credits.

Through the control panel (WebSMS) you can configure the necessary parameters to carry out these recharges:

  • Minimum balance from which an automatic recharge is carried out. If the account reaches this number of credits, an automatic recharge will be performed.
  • Messages to reload.
  • Card by default to carry out automatic recharges.
  • Maximum recharges in the last 30 days. For security reasons and to limit consumption, the number of totals recharges that can occur in the account can be limited. If the account has already made this number of recharges in the last 30 days, it will not occur. an automatic recharge.