In the event that more than one user wants to access the same account (shared or multi-user accounts)  the following configurations can be applied:  

  • Users. Create different users with the necessary privileges to perform the actions. All users will have access to the account data and balance if their privileges allow it. That is, users share the account data and properties.
  • Subaccounts. We recommend creating user subaccounts and that each user access their account (with their credentials, balance, etc.) and their independent 2FA access. More information about subaccounts at Create and manage subaccounts.

  • Mobile App Google Authenticator. In the event that the account balance, contacts, etc. must be shared, we recommend access with the Google Authenticator application. After installing the app on the mobile phones of each user, it is necessary to add the LabsMobile key by scanning the QR code of the section My user. From then on, these people will only have to enter the number that appears in the app at the time of access.