It is possible to create and manage different subaccounts in the Subaccounts section of the control panel (WebSMS).

In this section you can:

  • Create new subaccounts (with an email username, password, initial balance and operating mode).
  • Modify the balance of a subaccount (transferring the credits of the administrator account).
  • Activate/deactivate a subaccount.
  • Delete subaccounts.

When creating a subaccount, one of the following operating modes must be selected:

  • Standalone (default). This type of subaccount must enter the data to be validated, sign the service contract and can recharge independently.
  • Dependent. The billing and credit purchase functionalities are not enabled. These types of subaccounts depend on the administrator account for more credits.

It is also possible to create and manage subaccounts automatically through the API Admin.