The main benefit of a reseller account is having the LabsMobile platform white label to be able to resell the services to third parties. More information on the product page of Reseller Plan.


  • It is necessary to provide all the billing and contact details of the account. Additional data or documentation may be requested if required.
  • Purchase volume equal to or greater than 100€.

A reseller account includes:

  • Management application and sending SMS WebSMS in white label. It is possible to customize the layout (CSS file), logo, texts and menu options. There is no limit of users or use.
  • Independent white label access page (Login).
  • Standard white label email notifications.
  • SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt) for the encrypted HTTPS connection for all reseller accounts.

A reseller account does NOT include:

  • Payment/collection methods for third-party users or subaccounts on behalf of the reseller.
  • Commercial or service information website.
  • Special rates. The price of the messages is calculated based on the Prices of our web and is customized according to the volume of the account (request a Budget or custom quote).

For the request or activation, see ¿How active my reseller account?.