In the WebSMS application there is a Recipients section where there are different options to import or create and manage mobile databases.

The contacts or recipients of a WebSMS account are classified into groups. It is therefore possible to create or import groups in two ways:

  •  Manually in the section Import phones. By entering a group name and copying a list of mobile numbers, a contact group is massively registered.
  • From a file in the section Import file. The supported formats are CSV, TXT, XLS, and XLSX. An XLS template with instructions and import examples can be downloaded in the same import form.

Keep in mind that when importing, you can choose the name of an existing group to increase the number of contacts in that group. In the case that the group does not exist previously, it will be created. a new group.

Later, the contact groups are managed (view, modify, delete, export, etc.) in the section Groups or individually at Contacts.