It is highly recommended to debug, clean, or update the numbers database on each sending or campaign. This prevents unnecessary sending and increases the effectiveness of communications.

For this you can use the Clean option present in the Groups. This option removes from the group:

  • The numbers that generated an error in the last submission.
  • Those that do not comply with the formatting rules of the specific country.
  • The numbers included in the Blacklist of the account.

It is also possible to maintenance or manual update by exporting the numbers that have generated a Rejected or Undeliverable error in the last sending and eliminate these numbers in new groups . The list of numbers in error is obtained (and can be exported) from the section History filtering by date of sending or other criteria.

The import process has functionalities to filter or clean a database such as:

  • Eliminate duplicate numbers.
  • Eliminate numbers that do not comply with a valid format according to the numbering rules of a country.

In the event that you want to clean an outdated database, we also have the HLR or Lookup service that detects inactive or erroneous numbers. We recommend this option in databases where numbers are estimated to be more than 25% inactive or older than 5 years.