Any button, icon or image of a landing module can perform the following actions:

  • Internal link: associated with another module of the same landing. The effect of this link is to move the landing vertically to the content related to the button or icon.
  • External link: associated with a url of any online resource or web page.
  • Call: this action is associated with a phone number. If a user clicks this option it will open the default application calling with the specified number already entered so that you can call with a single click.
  • Send SMS: in the same way as the call this action will open the user application you use to send SMS messages with the specified number and text so that you can send an SMS easily and quickly.
  • Send email: this action will open the user application that you use to manage emails and will be created a new email with the specified subject and recipient. With a single click the user will be able to send this email.
  • Open map: with one click the user will see in your default maps application (Google Maps for example) with the specified point or address highlighted. The user may access the options of the maps application such as how to get to the point or public transport options.
  • Share on WhatsApp: with this option the user will be able to Share the text specified on the landing with your contacts or WhatsApp groups.
  • Unsubscribe link: clicking on the icon or button with this option will redirect you the user to the LabsMobile platform unsubscribe form associated with the account. In this way, the unsubscribed phones will be added to the account's Blacklist and will not receive any SMS messages.

All these options can be assigned and configured in the Landing Editor by clicking on the corresponding button or icon and selecting the Link tab.