How to configure Google Authenticator for 2FA Access? One of the options to access to the account with two-step verification (2FA - Two Factor Authentication) is through Google Authenticator application (or GAuth). This type of 2FA authentication is much faster and easier since it is not necessary to wait to receive any communication (email or SMS). However, previous configuration is necessary.

To use this option, it is necessary to download the Google Authenticator application from any mobile device, available at:

This Google application consists of a one-time password authentication system that is updated automatically every 30 seconds.

How is it configured?

  • Download and install Google Authenticator app on your mobile device.
  • Go to the My user section of the account.
  • Scan the QR shown in the application.
  • Set your account's default 2FA method to Google Authenticator.

This way, when accessing to your account you should enter the 6 digits that appear in the LabsMobile section of your Google Authenticator app.

Important: We recommend backup copies from the accounts entered in Google Authenticator (Export option). It will be possible to restore this authentication method if the device gets lost or misconfigured.