Delivery confirmations are notifications that come from the local telephone operator of the destination country. It means that the message has reached the destination device on the indicated date and time.

There are various delivery confirmations depending on the country of destination:

  • From network: it means that the message has been delivered to the local GSM network. The operator considers the message valid and takes responsibility for the delivery. In this case there is no confirmation that the message has reached the device.
  •  From device: it is the mobile device of the final recipient that confirms the receipt of the message. It is a reliable confirmation that proves the effective delivery of the SMS.

Important: Depending on the country or operator, a network or device confirmation will be available. The platform displays this information in the same delivery confirmation field - Confirmation ACK Handset (delivery to device).

The Services and credits by country section shows the type of confirmation by country of destination.

To find out more about the status of messages: Status of an SMS message.