In the control panel (WebSMS application) there is the section History where you can consult the information ; and the status of any sending or campaign.

You can search or filter messages by multiple fields such as: sent date, sender, message text, destination number, destination country, etc.

One of the information columns of the History results shows the current status of each message. More information about the possible Statuses of an SMS message.

In addition, each message sent consists of:

  • Message identifier.
  • Complete destination number with destination country prefix.
  • Sender.
  • Text of the message.
  • Date/time of sending.
  • Delivery confirmation with date and time, if the message has been Delivered.
  • Error date/time if the message has reached some not delivered state.
  • Number of clicks.
  • Information of each click.

All this information related to sent SMS messages can be exported in an XLSX or CSV file for further analysis, storage or processing.