Sent SMS messages can be found in the following states:

  • Processed: the message has been received and has been processed by the LabsMobile platform. This is an intermediate state that all sent messages go through. Under normal conditions, messages remain in this state for a short period of time (less than a second).
  • Sent: the message has been sent to the GSM network, that is, to the local operator of the destination country. Messages in this state are waiting for a delivery confirmation or error from the operator.
  • Not sent: the message has been discarded. The message has not been communicated to the telephone operators, it is not sent to the final recipient and therefore does not generate any cost (it does not modify the credit balance of the account). The reason for this status may be:
  • Duplicate: the anti-duplicate filter considers a duplicate message an SMS sent to it recipient with the same text for 60 minutes as a duplicate message. These messages are labeled as duplicates, are not sent and are not charged for. It is possible to disable this filter in the account Preferences.
  • Test: test message via the API. Suitable for simulations and API integration tests. It is also possible for some of the filters to discard messages and label them as test.
  • Blacklist: the destination number is in the Blacklist of the account.
  • Incorrect format: the destination number does not have a correct mobile number format according to the destination country.
  • Functionality not permitted: the message type is not allowed by the technical characteristics of the operator or destination country.
  • Destination not permitted: operator or destination not allowed by the account's country filter or by the requirements of the carriers (In which destinations or countries are there restrictions or is pre-registration required?).
  • Rejected or Undeliverable: the message has generated a delivery error and has been rejected by the local operator of the destination country. Usually the reason for the error is an incorrect or inactive mobile number. But there may be other explanations such as filters, incidents, etc. More information at What errors can happen when sending SMS?.
  • Expired: An attempt was made to deliver the message during the set period of time (usually 72 hours with retries set by the operator). The destination number has not been operational during the delivery period and the local operator in the destination country has not been able to deliver.
  • Approved: The destination operator confirms the reception of the message and approves all the parameters of the message (destination number, text, etc.). The approval makes this telephony operator responsible for the delivery. In countries where it is not possible to obtain a delivery confirmation this status is equivalent to Delivered.
  • Delivered: the message has been confirmed as delivered by the target device to the operator and the operator has communicated the reception to LabsMobile. The delivery confirmation includes the exact day/time that the message was confirmed by the destination operator or device. To learn more about delivery confirmations: Are the delivery confirmations?.

All these statuses are those shown in the History of sendings and Estadísticas of the account.