The LabsMobile WebSMS application includes the following message delivery methods:

  • Send basic. Manual method where the list of recipients must be entered in a text field. Numbers can be added one by one or by copying the list from another application or file. This method is recommended for one-time sendings or with few recipients.

  • Send to groups. In this submission form, previously entered or imported contact groups must be selected. Is Intended especially for recurring sendings to the same recipients or in high volume. One of the benefits of this sending method is the customization variables in the text of the message.

  • Send from file. This method consists of creating an Excel file in which each line corresponds to an SMS message and where all the necessary data for sending are specified (sender, text, recipient, day/time of sending). or, etc.). Is specially designed for mass sendings with multiple texts or with different sending days/hours. There is an example template with all the instructions and we recommend its use.

In any of these delivery methods you can send messages to any destination country and any Message type. The form or submission method will calculate the necessary credits for each sending presenting the main data (day/time of sending, text, destination numbers, credits, etc.) for your confirmation.