Due to the increase in cases of smishing and fraud attempts, many telephone operators and regulators are implementing measures to ensure the proper use of the SMS channel.

Many of these measures involve the provision of additional data and registration of the senders of communications with telecommunications operators and regulators. This involves a previous step of application, registration, configuration and confirmation that can delay some days the effective sending of SMS messages to some destinations.

LabsMobile has processes and forms for the most common destinations that require pre-registration:

  • America

    • United States of America (registration and assignment of a 10DLC number - form)

    • Canada (registration and assignment of a 10DLC number - form)

    • Cuba (consult)

    • Ecuador (local route - consult)

    • Puerto Rico (registration and assignment of a 10DLC number - form)

  • Europe

    • United Kingdom (sender registration - form)

    • Czech Republic (consult)

    • Denmark (URL registration - consult)

    • Netherlands (URL registration recommended)

  • Africa, Asia and Oceania (consult)